Travel Da Nang in festival season 2023

Travel Da Nang in festival season 2023
May 15, 2023 11:18:42
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(TITC) – Indulging in the brilliant “tango of light” on the Han River, immersing in the wonderland at the top of Ba Na Hill or the vibrant flow of festivals around the world… are the reasons for tourists to come to Da Nang in the summer.
Enjoy the light feast by the Han River

The journey to fully experience of Da Nang summer starts from the symbolic Han River. At each time of the day, the Han River has a distinct colour – a fancy factor for a brilliant check-in photo.

During the day, when the sun shines, the light on the river is just like a white silk strip of mist, then in the evening, the mysterious river becomes more shimmering thanks to the light of the bridges. The Han River at night is already beautiful. This summer, it will be extraordinarily gorgeous when hundreds of fireworks of DIFF 2023 bloom in the sky after 3 years of hiatus.

Guided by the theme “Light up the borderless world”, the Festival will take place from 2nd June to 8th July 2023 at the Fireworks stage on the Han River. This is a main show of the Festival “Enjoy Danang 2023” – one of the biggest events of the programme “WOW Da Nang”, part of the campaign to beautify the lands “WOW Vietnam” initiated by Sun Group.
Another place to enjoy the fireworks is Sky36 – a prime location from the 36th floor of Novotel Danang Premier Han River hotel. When fireworks bloom, it is also the time the highest Sky bar in the city becomes crazy with pool parties, DJs, dance groups, artistic lights, and fragrant cocktails… From here, you can feel like touching the sky that is bursting with brilliant fireworks, thereby hunting for themselves the most unique photos of this Fireworks Festival season.

A journey to the Wonderland

Not only fireworks, visitors to Da Nang during summer will have an opportunity to enjoy a journey to the world of vibrant cultural and culinary festivals on the top of Ba Na. From May to September, during summer, Sun World Ba Na Hills will turn Da Nang into the “star” in the Central region with a series of festive events accompanying DIFF.

Let’s start with “B’estival Food and Beer Festival” a.k.a Oktoberfest of Germany. Lasting from 30th April to 31st August at Beer Plaza, following rows of colourful bunting flags and giant beer tents, visitors will enter the realm of jubilant fun and fervour with food, beer and music. The fun on the top of Ba Na continues with more than 20 flavours of cold fresh beer from the world’s leading brands such as Budweiser, Paulaner, Kulmbacher… and hundreds of delicious dishes.
Enjoy the cultural, culinary and artistic experiences of the world’s leading countries such as France, Korea… in the series of events “Ba Na WOW Festival – Wonderland without distance” lasting from May to until the end of July.

Right in the heart of the fairy land of Ba Na, the distance of each visitor from the world narrows as they experience food, traditional and contemporary art, and games with the colours of kimchi at the Korean Cultural Festival; Or immerse yourself in passionate wine yeast at the French Cultural Festival with the highlight of the event “Celebrating 100 years of Debay wine cellar in Ba Na”. From the mid of May, visitors may get special tickets to enjoy fine wine, transformed into French aristocrats to travel to the past.

In addition to a unique culinary and cultural space, Sun World Ba Na Hills also offers unique art shows themed on natural elements that bring visitors to the land of fairy tales. The emotional journey of summer is accomplished in the deep music space “Love Songs – Love Vietnam” on the night of 3rd June at Moonlight Square by female singer Ho Ngoc Ha. This will be an opportunity for the audience after enjoying the opening night of fireworks (2 June) to experience wonderful moments in the tender, emotional sound of love songs and a warm and romantic dark space with your loved ones.

The weather in Ba Na always remains at a lower level than in Da Nang, so in addition to experiencing endless festivals, it would be ideal to take a walk in the cool-air on the top of Chua Mountain, check in some iconic works such as Golden Bridge, Sun God Waterfall, Eclipse Square, Moon Castle…

Summer on fire with KPOP feast

Accompanying DIFF 2023, besides Sun World Ba Na Hills, destinations such as Asia Park will also open a non-stop fun journey from day to night. A series of vibrant arts and cultural events, the highlight of which is the “M-Pack Festival & Carnival Street Food” from 20th May to 20th September with beer festival, Soju festival, Kpop dance, food carnival, Vietnamese traditional shows and fly a hot air balloon to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

For groups of friends who wish to enjoy beach tours, Kpop concerts gather many famous names who are always available every week so that visitors can “up all night”. The heat of the festival promises to reach the “climax” with DJ parties every Saturday with the participation of DJ Soda, Sura, G.G…

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